Mysterious Attack on your Intellectual Property

Are you threatened by insiders/ competitors who target your intellectual property? Are you usually concerned when state entities, such as public limited companies, directly or indirectly target your company’s intellectual property? Or you wonder when your business’ intellectual property has been targeted by organized crime, counterfeiting, or privacy? Or you’re […]

Bad debts- 5 Warning signs to ponder upon!

A debt owed in the name of any client does not go bad abruptly. There would have been pre-existing and persisting issues which made the account go bad. Keeping an eagle eye on the transactions entered with debtors can help you identify and foresee the account going bad. You will […]

Restructure Your Debts And Start Fresh!!

Debt restructuring is a process wherein a company or an entity experiencing financial distress and liquidity problems refinances its existing debt obligations in order to gain more flexibility in the short term and make their debt load more manageable overall.   Debt restructuring by the business entities is done to […]

Pre-Packed Insolvency Resolution Process(PPIRP)- Boon for MSME’s !

PPIRP is aimed at helping a Corporate Debtor(MSME) restructure its debts so that it may start afresh.It is an informal arrangement for the resolution of the debt of a stressed company through an agreement between creditors and debtors without initiation of insolvency proceedings and thus alleviating the stress attached. How […]