Protecting Trade Secrets in India

Introduction Companies usually accumulate and use innovative ideas that are not known to their contenders, to gain an edge in the market and maintain the uniqueness of their product/service. Information that isn’t generally known to competitors and is protected by confidentiality agreements qualifies as an intellectual property, i.e., TRADE SECRET. […]

trademark registration

Why Is Trademark Licensing is so important for Business?

TRADEMARK VALUATION   Trademarks are an essential commercial and economic tool, and are, usually, heavily endorsed with the intention to build the brand value of the business. In the era of stiff competition amongst businesses, the competitive advantage attributes to the development, integration and reconfiguration of trademark and other intangible […]

All you know about Trademark Licensing

TRADEMARK LICENSING Licensing of a trademark is the process where a registered proprietor of a trademark authorises a third party to use the mark in the course of trade without transferring the ownership of the mark.  The most important thing to remember is that ‘licensing’ is not sale of the […]