Top Arbitration Law Firms in Delhi

Arbitration Law Firms in Delhi

With alternate dispute resolution processes becoming more popular and convenient in comparison to traditional dispute solutions, Indian companies as well as foreign entities that entered into business transactions with Indian parties are increasingly opting to resolve their commercial disputes through arbitration. It’s a leading Top Arbitration law firm in Delhi & Top Arbitration law firm in Pune.

Our law firms handle arbitrations in Joint Ventures, Shareholders agreements, partnership disputes, intellectual property disputes, real estate disputes, Sale of Goods and General Commercial transactions, and a wide variety of complex issues arising out of agreements and/or contracts falling under various industries and sectors. The team’s experience comes from handling both large and complex disputes as well as mid-sized disputes that require specialist insight into the industry and business sensitivities.

Top Arbitration Law Firms in Noida

We have a dedicated group of prominent arbitration specialists, with recognized & formidable advocacy skills. We handle high-value multi-jurisdictional commercial arbitrations in India.

Top Arbitration Law Firms in Gurgaon

The team is involved in every aspect of arbitration such as:

  • Advising and handling arbitration disputes & matters related to various types of agreement and contracts
  • Defending & representing clients before Arbitral Tribunals in arbitral agreements and contracts
  • Enforcing and/or challenging Arbitral Awards
  • Advising clients on various aspects of arbitration proceedings
  • Advising on the appointment of arbitrators
  • Applying to stay proceedings brought in breach of arbitration clauses
  • Drafting Arbitration agreements and contracts
  • Legal Vetting of an Arbitration agreement and contracts
  • Representing clients before High Courts in an arbitration petition

Top Arbitration Law Firms in Pune

We are best of Arbitration Law Firms in Gurgaon & Arbitration Law Firms in Noida. We have best Arbitration Lawyers in Delhi NCR